Ready To Wear

We produce high-quality ready to wear outfits of all kinds.

Ready-to-wear outfits are amongst the most highly demanded and purchased clothing products. We produce ready-to-wear garments of all sizes, and for all genders in diverse styles in bulk amounts for convenience stories and wholesale sellers. We utilize high-quality fabric which is sourced via both, import and export channels. We service stores such as Target and Walmart, catering to their garment sections and filling the aisles with good quality fabric and stylish outfits. We are quite diligent and cognizant about color fastness, staining, rubbing, tear strength and shade deviation. Before we proceed with product development for client orders, we are also open to sending the fabrication to varying fabric constructors in different colors from local and overseas manufacturers as per client requirements.

Timely Deliveries

No late deliveries when working with Groove Garments!

Your time is just as important our time. Groove Garments’ wholly respects the time of their clients, which is why we strictly adhere to our delivery and product production timelines. From pre-production meetings with QA Managers and Merchandisers to final inspections as per buyer requirements, we strive to meet all client-mandated deadlines, and also simultaneously deliver high quality. Our team is professionally capable both qualitatively and quantitatively of ensuring timely deliveries of goods. From small orders of 1 to 3 thousand garments per style, to large orders of 1 to 3 hundred thousand pieces per style, we have the professional capacity and industrial experience to cater to orders of diverse sizes with efficiency.


Your ideas and our ideas, and excellent final products.

Complementing your ideas with the expertize of our fashion designers, we also manufacture semi-customized garments in bulk amount. We also provide sampling services. Our clients can be a part of the production procedure by offering us feedback on semi-customized product samples designed as per client style suggestions, fabric requirement and color demands. In the event that our client order mandates the use of a fabric or fabric color that is unavailable, we reach out to international markets to purchase the desired product. Our customers are extremely valuable for us, which is why we go to all lengths to meet their requirements. We produce semi-customized garments for all ages and genders, in all styles. We love working with our clients, and orders for semi-customized outfits are a wonderful opportunity to collaboratively create something amazing!

Fully Customized

We follow your instructions with meticulous concentration down to every button and stitch!

We specialize in producing fully customized garments for all ages and genders. From printed fabrics to woven cloth, we can use material of any nature and fully customize it to manufacture exquisite garments exactly as per client guidelines. We only use premium quality nickel free, ferrous free and lead free accessories in the garment manufacturing process, and can also furnish lab reports to attest to this statement if need be. Our team works with untiring diligence to ensure that we match all of the customization requirements of our customers. From sampling to unlimited meetings with QA officers, we provide our customers with many opportunities to discuss their order, test it, and approve it before it is mass produced. Our QA Officers closely monitor all orders from start to finish, and our customer support representatives are available 24/7 for queries and updates regarding your order.