Customized Digital Printing Services

Digital Printing Services have changed and improved the face of the textile printing industry quite rapidly. The beginning of the printing technology that laid the foundation for digital printing on fabric was in the late 20th century, which opened doors to enrich the quality of designs and maintain the growing demand for the textile printing industry. Using digital printing technology, any design can easily be printed with perfection on various types of fabric. This process constitutes the act of printing digital files onto fabric using inkjet-based printers. The printing process is quite similar to the desktop inkjet printer, but on a larger scale. Inkjet based method permits textile manufacturers to print almost any design on any fabric. Even though digital printing on fabric can be slightly more expensive as compared to traditional textile printing, but it helps create custom designs and is eco-friendly. It also provides the capability to print detailed design in brilliant colors.

custom digital printing services

As one of the latest innovations in textile printing, this inkjet-based method allows manufacturers who offer custom digital printing services in USA to modify prints and fabrics as required by the client. At Groove Garments, we offer online digital T-shirt printing services. Our process involves the fabric being pretreated, then passed through the inkjet printer at high speed and to be subsequently dried, steamed, washed, and finished. Our digital textile printer uses a printable design of a data file, checks the right color information, then finally prints the desired color onto the fabric with minuscule droplets of ink at a surprisingly fast production rate that provides accurate results.

If you are looking for custom digital printing services in USA, Groove Garments is here to meet all your needs. Our online digital T-shirt printing services allow you to make even the most complex piece of art without compromising on the quality. Digital printing also means no price penalty for infinite colors, so you can have as detailed a shirt as you want, color-wise, without having to pay dearly like you would with a silk screen print.