We are the future of garment manufacturing!

Made up of a team of hand-picked, highly qualified and experienced fashion designers, textile workers and apparel manufacturers, Groove Garments USA consists of a reputable team working tirelessly behind the scenes to produce beautiful customized garments. We have worked with leading clothing stores, and are constantly looking for the opportunity to work with even bigger names, such as Walmart, Target, etc. Based in the United States, we cater to clients all over America.

We believe that the future of garment manufacturing will change rapidly in a post-COVID 19 world. With our expertise and vision, we are ready to take up the challenges and cater to the garments manufacturing industry accordingly. Here at Groove Garments USA, we have a major network of apparel manufacturing factories all across the globe. Our factories have produced for top-notch level brands such as Nike, Target, Walmart, etc.

There are four very powerful aspects central to Groove Garments’ success that makes us stand out from our competitors:

Quality Customer Support Our clients come first.
Expert Workers Only the very best for our clients.
Timely Deliveries Your time is just as important to us as our time.
High-tech Manufacturing Equipment We are technologically well-ahead of our competitors.

We create and work with diverse categories of clothes and garments, and manufacture garments of all kinds, for all genders and all ages. With our creativity, hard work, and passion for mass-producing good fashion, we have quickly risen to become leaders within the garments manufacturing industry. We have an unlimited and endless selection of fashionable and visually appeasing garments.