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Based in the United States, we cater to clients all over the Globe. With our creativity, hard work, and passion for mass-producing good fashion, we have quickly risen to become future leaders within the garments manufacturing industry. Our clients include world-renowned clothing stores and leading convenience marts. Here at groove garments we have a major network of apparel manufacturing factories across the globe. Our factories have produced for top-tier brands such as Nike, Target Walmart, etc.

We take immense pride in successfully producing high-quality garments of all kinds. We have an unlimited and endless selection of garments. From prompt deliveries to accurate replication of client-approved prompts, we strive our best to meet all client-mandated requirements down to the very last stitch.

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Our Services

We produce all kinds of customized garments, for all ages and genders.


We produce high-quality
ready to wear outfits of all kinds.

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No late deliveries when
working with Groove Garments!

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Your ideas and our ideas,
and excellent final products.

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We follow your instructions with meticulous concentration down to every button and stitch!

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